Wycherley International School


Wycherley International School laid the foundation for my career

Daham A. Arangalla

As the story of my life turned to the chapter of my school career, there was no doubt in the minds of my Parents that I should commence my education from the very inception, at Wycherley International School. Wycherley, as we know it today, was a renowned, recognised and respected school.

With the feeling of nostalgia growing deeper as I walk down memory lane, I still remember almost every single day I spent within the perimeter of the walls of my beloved School. In fact, I still remember the very first day I visited the School with my Parents. It was a Friday. We were taken around the school and I recall being shown the classroom that I was to be in. It was the first class on the left side of the main entrance, Grade 1B. I also remember taking a walk down the play area and seeing the school’s pet monkey, Daisy, in her cage. She was very friendly. As I started school the following Monday, the foundation stone of my academic career was laid, and it was the beginning of collecting the fond memories I treasure today.

We always felt safe within the School premises. Being the youngest and only son in my family, I was usedto a lot of care and concern, and I am happy to say, I had the same feeling of security in School as well. Our teachers were very caring and concerned about us. It was as if we were all one big happy family. Whenever we had a brawl amongst our friends over the smallest issues, we always had the wise counsel of our teachers who would amicably settle them and have us back on track. The ten o’clock bell was music to our ears as we eagerly awaited to rush to the canteen and indulge in some of the most enticing short eats and pastries in town, I would say. I still remember the canteen operator’s immaculate white Volkswagon which was a pleasure to see during the early hours of the morning, knowing that we are in for a treat during the break. We had plenty of room to play around, and we always had someone to keep an eye on us, who would run to our rescue in the event of any mishap.

As the years went by and we progressed on to higher classes, we were accorded the opportunity of participating in numerous Sports Activities that were offered under the supervision of well experienced and dedicated Sports Co-ordinators. This helped us discover and put talents that we didn’t know we possessed, into action. I had the opportunity of excelling in Athletics and did Triton House proud with my performance.

Today, I am the CEO of a renowned Project Consultancy Company engaged in facilitating Government projects with foreign partners and working with a team of highly skilled and Senior Professionals. I am also on the Board of several other companies, and on the advisory panel of certain social organisations and associations as well. Furthermore, I am a Consultant to a Multi National Group doing large scale development projects in Sri Lanka, and around the globe. I am grateful to our Principal, Kingsley Jayasinghe, and teachers of Wycherley, and also not forgetting those who have passed on, for the pivotal role they played in moulding and strengthening my character during my formative years, which helped me become the person, I am today!

Daham A. Arangalla
CEO - Asset Lanka Ltd.
Director - Intec Systems and Solutions Pte. Ltd.
Director - Alpha Ventures Pte. Ltd.
Consultant - Shapoorji Pollanji GMT - Middle East