Wycherley International School



Jananie Nallathamby

Where do I start? You can imagine a lot has happened to my 4 sisters and me at this school over the past 3 decades (also being the age of the school). I graduated from Wycherley in July 2003. I have a great lot to share about my childhood Education at Wycherley International School.

Golden memories… Baudhaloka Mawatha, Colombo 7 a beautiful place and Wycherley International School a great pride for me now and always. The enthusiastic teachers were my biggest strength. The teachers were very nice and understood how best to help all the students on a personal basis, meaning that everybody got the treatment they wanted and needed. In this way, learning just got easier and faster for students with different abilities. I have also found that the colloquial and enjoyable style of teaching has helped in tricky subjects like Mathematics and Accounting. Great guidance is what we received and in return we made our Parents proud of their hard earned money.

The Curriculum aims to develop students’ emotional intelligence, self- and social awareness, critical thinking, effective decision-making, creative problem-solving ability and goal-setting skills. As a Co-Educational School, we learnt to respect and embrace differences. The school has a really happy and friendly environment, which made lessons always engaging and interesting. We were provided with all the resources needed for individual study, from the quiet Library to private study/free rooms. Having independent study time to work in the Library means that I had access to extra textbooks, good internet and other resources to help revise for exams.

When I worked in teams for extracurricular activities like Sports, Clubs, Societies, Wood Work, Cookery, Music and Class Assemblies, I learnt to share ideas, work with different personalities and felt at ease when we were always given extra support from teachers when times got tough, no matter how big or small the problem was. The friendly teachers also helped me to achieve academically in the form of marking Practice Past Papers, giving feedback and then re-marking a new one, even on top of all their other schedules. That’s amazing! They gave regular feedback on work and homework which helped me. I like how the Teachers go the extra mile to ensure the success of Students.

We competed for the best results at London Cambridge O/L and A/L exams. The best Fun I’ve had is at Wycherley! Every student learns to work hard, play hard and be disciplined. That’s what Wycherley is all about. Heard of best academic results and poor character? My School has some of the most firmly rooted Cultural and Social values that you repeatedly see even today at the School’s Cultural Days & Religion Classes where every student glows with not just talent but follow their personal beliefs with pride. This to me shows respect and equality across all ethnic backgrounds. Throughout school days, these two important values were taught to us.

I always waited for school trips as they were educational and also packed with fun. I met some amazing people. I’ve made friends with those I went to Primary School with and has lasted through University days and into life even now. The amazing foreign languages department was another best thing, where with the help from my teacher, I was able to take on French from scratch and I have enjoyed every minute of it because it really helped me throughout my time overseas.

From Elementary to Senior School, the experienced Subject specialist Teachers have stretched me to reach my full potential through continuous challenges. Quality education is what you get here. The best part was identifying my strengths at particular subjects I'm passionate about and studying them in a lot of depth, taking part in extra-curricular activities and meeting people from such diverse back grounds including overseas. This helped me to make my decisions about my future. The school gave me the chance to be an independent learner which was extremely helpful, especially for students going on to University. Wycherley has been instrumental for my exemplary achievements at school, which prepared me for CIMA. In return, this opportunity led to further success as one of the few top 20% Aston Business School graduands creating further successes in my current finance and business career. I currently consult across various industries in London, bridging Senior Management and Business challenges. The same applies to my sisters who have excelled as Dentists. Wycherley moulds you to be the best you can.

I have gained various skills that will put me in good stead wherever I go next. Since I see myself someday also working in Asia, I wanted to go to a school that is not only globally respected, but also has a large alumni base across the World. Coming from an alumni, the final weeks at school were painful and dearly missed. Wycherley’s success will shine forever.

Jananie Nallathamby
Chartered Accountant
MSc Business and Management (Aston University, UK)