Wycherley International School



Miraj Wanaguru

When I joined Wycherley in September 1995, I was just like any other boy of my age; fresh-faced and without a clue in the world. My parents handed me into the very capable hands of the Teachers at Wycherley and trusted them to teach me all about the wonders of Science, Mathematics and Art (although I was never very good at the last one!). During my thirteen years in School, I believe that the Teachers at Wycherley did an admirable job of imparting knowledge and making it worth waking up in the morning to attend classes.

Throughout the years, Wycherley has produced some of the best results for O/Levels and A/Levels in the country. However, Wycherley was never just about teaching students what is in the textbooks. Wycherley was and will always be, much more than that. I was at Wycherley from kindergarten until my Graduation from High School.

During the Cambridge Ordinary Level Examinations of 2006, I obtained 10 A’s and was consequently awarded the best results in Sri Lanka for that year. One of the best things about Wycherley is that it values and rewards its students on their performance. I was awarded a full Scholarship to complete my studies at Wycherley following my O/Level Examinations.

I served as Captain of Triton House, President of the Science Society and Treasurer of the Interact Club, among other roles in different Societies. From an early age, Wycherley taught me a lot about managing my time and handling different responsibilities with equal importance. This skill was invaluable to me during my time at University and is now an integral part of my work life. During my final year at Wycherley, I was appointed Head Prefect. This is still one of the proudest moments of my life and the responsibilities that came with it, immensely helped me to develop my leadership skills.

Wycherley has always been known as the School where discipline is of utmost importance. Students are taught to respect their teachers and elders, growing up with a certain kind of grace that is easily recognised. As with any School, Wycherley has students who find it difficult to meet these standards of discipline but in all my years at Wycherley, I have never seen a single teacher give up on a student because they were being difficult. No child is ever left behind at Wycherley and it is a beautiful place to study, because of the consistent dedication of our teachers.

I cannot write about Wycherley and its teachers without mentioning Mr. Kingsley Jayasinghe in particular. He is the only Principal of Wycherley that I have known and Mr. Jayasinghe’s willingness to always help and advice his students has been invaluable to many of my friends and me. Wycherley is, without a doubt, the exceptional institution that it is today because of the guidance that Mr. Jayasinghe has given his teachers and students throughout the years. After graduating from Wycherley, I went on to study Electronic Engineering at the University of Southampton in the UK.

At first, I found myself at a disadvantage because many of my course mates had studied Electronics at School, while everything was new to me. But I soon realised that Wycherley had already given me all the tools I needed to address this. I had learned not to be afraid to ask questions, to look at a problem from all angles, to understand what facts matter and what don't and to keep trying until I got it right. I also found that in other areas I was far ahead of my peers. In Mathematics, for example, Mr. Navaratnam (or Mr. Nava as we affectionately referred to him) had done such a brilliant job of teaching me the basics of Mechanics, that the first year courses were a breeze. They did get harder after that, but I was ready for it.

After four years at University, I Graduated with First Class Honours and was able to secure a place as a Control Systems Engineer at Rolls-Royce in the UK (we don't make cars; we make jet engines!) where I have been working for the past two years, helping to build the next generation of passenger aircraft.

I look back at the many years I spent within Wycherley’s walls, of the innumerable experiences, my lifetime friends, the struggles and the victories and I am genuinely proud to say that I, like many others, am the result of a Wycherley education. The values and knowledge I gained from Wycherley have allowed me to continue to succeed long after I left school and face new challenges with the same outlook and perseverance. Wycherley has so much to offer to anyone who is willing to learn and make use of the experience of the incredible teachers. I will always be grateful for the knowledge and guidance I received at Wycherley.

Miraj Wanaguru
Controls Hardware Engineer - Rolls-Royce, United Kingdom
MEng Electronic Engineering and Nanotechnology, University of Southampton.