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Principal's Message

From the Principal

Message from the Principal-Mr. Kingsley Jayasinghe

Every parent desires to give the best in Education to their children. The choice of the School is the prime factor that helps to put the child on the correct track for his or her future.

Wycherley has been renowned for its academic excellence since 1985. English being the medium of instruction, acts as the device that helps unify all students who come from multi-racial, multi-ethnic and multi- religious backgrounds.

TRADITION-EDUCATION- EXCELLENCE are the corner stones on which this institution has been founded. English is the cement that binds all our students together as one family. Having started off to give the best of English education to the students who build the fabric of society, Wycherley can proudly look back at our students who have performed excellently in their fields, all across the globe.

We at Wycherley, focus on building an International School, which is also truly Sri Lankan in outlook and strive to give our children correct values in life.