Wycherley International School


Wycherley Paved the Path I Traverse Today…

Sarah Marikar Bawa

As I walk down memory lane and immerse myself back in between the four walls of Wycherley International School, I am reminded of its strong foundations. Each brick encapsulates the principles and life of lessons gathered through the years, which has moulded me into the person I am today.

My journey at Wycherley started at the tender age of six and quickly developed through the years, as a “home away from home”. The ‘one big family’ concept that has been retained in Wycherley has been very unique. Students greeted their counterparts like family members and teachers were mentors respected like parents, where friendships made were everlasting. Although my travels to seek knowledge has taken me to other parts of the world, I still feel an unparalleled familiarity with my teachers and friends from Wycherley, that I hold dear and near.

The academic experience at Wycherley pushed us to think out of the box. My teachers always pushed the barriers of knowledge with their thought provoking classes. I am forever thankful to them for all their hard work and constant support they gave me, in order to help me grow. Their approach to teaching, the presentation and their enthusiasm towards their pupils made learning interesting and helped us to prepare for the O/L and A/L examinations. In this regard, I have to mention our Principal Mr. Kingsley Jayasinghe, who had a very personal approach towards mentoring each and every student. He was a guiding light and a pillar of strength to me in my tenure in school. He always identified the talents of each child and moulded them to take responsibility and instill leadership qualities. I was very fortunate to be identified by him to fall into this category and given the opportunity to be appointed a school Prefect. This sense of leadership and discipline have played an integral role in helping me to reach my goals towards becoming a Doctor. I will always cherish his valuable advice and support.

Apart from maintaining a unique academic experience, the Singing, Elocution, Art Competition, Morning Assemblies and Drama productions are memories that are engraved in my mind. Wycherley also ensured a complete student life through extra-curricular activities and Inter-School Sports during the year. I played an active role representing the School in Swimming and Basketball.

A daily life of a student would never be complete without a visit to the tuck shop. The fun we had in the tuck shop during the short break was very memorable. It was more than just a holy grail for the starving student. It was a melting pot of multicultural diversity, where individual characters would be noticed beyond their grey uniforms. It was a social network that allowed students to express themselves, keep each other informed of matters of non-educational interest, strengthen bonds of friendship and of course grab a quick bite before class.

Wycherley is today one of the oldest International Schools in Colombo and recently celebrated twenty nine years of academic excellence. I am humbled to know that beyond my personal success, Wycherley has paved the path towards the ambitions of so many students who have come before and after me. With a new administration and outlook, I have no doubts that they will continue to maintain their standards to propel students to new heights. I will always cherish the wonderful memories as a past pupil in the famous blue and grey uniform and forever grateful to my parents in choosing Wycherley as my “home away from home”.

Dr. Sarah Marikar Bawa, MBBS.
Dow University of Health Sciences - Pakistan
Currently working at Lanka Hospitals.