12 april 2018


Wycherley International School at Bauddhaloka Mawatha in Colombo 7 is one of the oldest International Schools in Sri Lanka. It also enjoys the reputation of being the First and Only Comprehensive Centre for Cambridge Education from Grade 01 – Grade 12 in Sri Lanka.

It has a proud heritage of 28 years of Academic Excellence, where quality education on par with global standards, has resulted in the exemplary achievements of its numerous students. Wycherley has successfully moulded the characters and guided the academic destinies of hundreds of students who have passed through its hallowed portals. Although an ‘International School’, Wycherley is deeply rooted in Sri Lankan tradition and gives its students a well represented and harmonious blend of the East and the West

Discipline takes pride of place at all levels, thus making it a popular choice among current and potential parents. At Wycherley, the English language functions both as a medium of instruction and as a link language unifying and binding students from different ethnicities, races and religions. The success stories are many with a large number of its past students currently reading for degrees in a range of disciplines such as Medicine, Law, Engineering, Finance, etc at some of the most prestigious universities in the world.

Universities in countries around the world including the UK,US, European nations, India, Pakistan, Australia, Canada, South Africa and Singapore recognise and welcome Cambridge International qualifications. Universities have published their recognition policies, but many more accept Cambridge qualifications on an individual basis. Our students have successfully transferred to several top Universities in the world with the successful completion of Cambridge A/Levels at Wycherley.

The Cambridge Curriculum is one that is most widely accepted and is thus much sought after by parents around the world, as being the best for their children. Sri Lankan parents are no exception. Many have unanimously and wisely opted for the Cambridge Curriculum for their children.

Students are offered different levels through the Cambridge Education Programme with each one seamlessly blending into the other – Cambridge Primary (05 -11 years) through Secondary One (11-14 years) and Secondary Two (14-16 years) to Cambridge Advanced (16-19 years).

At Wycherley, the curriculum includes the Cambridge Primary and Secondary programmes which helps teachers to give a feedback to parents on their children’s performance before they move on to key stages like O/Levels and A/Levels. The students join the Cambridge learning community at Grade 5 where they sit for an International Primary Programme in English, Mathematics and Science. This gives them first-hand experience of International Assessment leading them effortlessly into the Secondary stage. Thereafter when they sit for the Grade 8 Checkpoint Examinations they are able to assess how to stream themselves in readiness for the O/Level Examinations.

With the Cambridge Curriculum, students get the opportunity to sit for examinations such as the Cambridge Checkpoint Examinations at Grade 5 and Grade 8 which identifies students’ strengths and weaknesses. At this point, teachers can assess children’s learning and their progress and there-by guide them accordingly, making sure that they progress seamlessly into middle-year curricula, such as Cambridge O/Levels and A/Levels.

The Cambridge Education Programme has been designed to be culturally sensitive. It includes top quality teaching and assessment resources appropriate for teaching and learning. Given its flexibility, it also complements a range of teaching methods and provides a route which students can follow from Grade 1 to A/Levels.

The Cambridge Curriculum has been time-tested and proven to be among the, or in fact, is the best in the world. It has evolved to suit the needs of rapidly changing international trends and has yet retained the essence of its core principles and holistic approach to education. Wycherley partners with Cambridge International Examinations, the world’s largest provider of International Education Programmes and qualifications, to offer students a solid foundation to achieve high levels of Academic Excellence and personal attainment.

If you are interested in obtaining more information on the Cambridge Advantage, you are welcome to visit us at; Wycherley International School, 232, Bauddhaloka Mawatha, Colombo 7 or call us on 0777 730 730 to arrange an appointment to discuss your child’s future.