25 april 2017

Wycherley International School - Aurudu Celebrations 2017

Avurudhu or New Year Celebrations are much looked forward to events in the life of the a little child. It means new clothes, decorations, fire works, tasty goodies and so on.

Wycherley likes to inculcate traditional practices in the minds of the children. The little ones all came dressed in their ethnic wear which gave them the feeling and the spirit of the festivities. The boiling of milk and beat of the raban were activities that really lifted their spirit. They all wanted to be a part of playing of the raban.

They also had the joy of participating in events that are customary with the new year- like pinning the eye of the elephant, breaking of the pot, taste of tug-o-war and also swinging themselves with immense delight. To build the spirit of fellowship, they had a spiritual spread of all “awrudhu goodies”. It was a delight to see them eating, involved in a chit chat and hurrying to go back to the swings. Wasn’t it all a lovely slight?