7 Jun 2017

Poson Bakthi Gee - 2017

Wycherly conducted its Annual Poson Bakthi Gee on 7th June 2017 at the All Ceylon Buddhist Congress Hall. The Poson Festival is celebrated with reverence to mark the arrival of Buddhism in Sri Lanka in the 3rd Century B.C. For the Buddhists in the Sri Lanka, Poson is a Festival of historical and religious significance. Participation at this event was from the Play Group right upto the Senior School.

The entire décor depicted a very peaceful environment – with the area filled with White Vesak Lanterns and illuminated white Lotuses on stands. The colourful lights gave the venue a very particular charm. The hall too had very similar décor, apart from a colourful backdrop which enhanced the effect.

The programme consisted of Songs, Dances, Skits and Speeches on the importance of Poson. All religions are recognized and equality among their activities is maintained. Wycherley will always inculcate the value of one’s own religion, along with due respect for the others. This will help to imprint religious values in the hearts and minds of our children as they grow up.