19 may 2017

Islamic Day Celebrations – 2017

We have a multi – religious society in Sri Lanka and Wycherley too caters to a multi – religious community. In keeping with this, The Elementary Section celebrated Islamic Day at The Weston Province Aesthetic Resort Auditorium Colombo 7 on 19th May 2017.

The participants this programme were all students from the Play Group up to Grade 2 and they performed to an enthusiastic audience of Parents, Friends and Well wishes. All participants were tastefully attired – the boys in traditional garb and girls in very pleasing costumes in a blend of beautiful pastel shades.

The entire programme was in Songs and Dance – a lot directed to teach the children the importance of the period of Ramadhan. A skit too was enacted to make then realize we must do good to the poor and the needy at all times. Events of this nature help growing children to develop the feeling of caring for others – something vital for our society.