26 april 2018


Wycherley International School took a very decisive step in shifting from the Edexcel Examinations into being a fully-fledged Cambridge School in 2009. Today, Wycherley follows a complete Cambridge Curriculum from Year 1 right up to the A Levels. Cambridge Education is at the forefront of research into educational best practices and is geared to deliver the highest quality of school education. The educational assessment is based on 150 years of research and accumulated expertise. The world is subject to constant changes and Cambridge International Programmes also change accordingly. Today, education is about teaching students the skills they need to succeed in fast paced and competitive societies.

Cambridge has always delivered world class education through high quality assessment and services. The Cambridge Education Programmes are for students ranging from 5 – 19 years of age. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has now become a part of the educational experience of children in most parts of the World. It is taught as a subject in its own right and is stamped into the Cambridge Curriculum.

ICT is now being considered a new “literacy” apart from Reading, Writing and Numeracy. The Cambridge ICT Starters is designed to introduce students to the main applications which they will need to use in order to understand the effect of Technology in their daily lives. The syllabus provides a framework in which ICT competence and practical skills can be developed within an environment that is appropriate for the age of the learners. It also provides a structured scheme of assessment. At each stage of the assessment, learners will use ICT to communicate, handle information, model and measure and control.

The syllabus operates at 3 levels viz:

  • INITIAL STEPS (Stage 1&2)
  • NEXT STEPS (Stage 1& 2)
  • ON TRACK (Stage 1&2)

Each level of the scheme contains two stages, each with an equal number of modules. The assessment will be done as to show that they can demonstrate each of the learning objectives with no help from their teachers or their peers. The students will receive a pass or merit grade in each assessment test if they meet all the criteria specified on the learning objectives.

All students will follow this programme at Wycherley along with their ICT Curriculum. Our teachers are trained and the curriculum is based on text books recommended directly from Cambridge. Fundamentally, ICT is a central tool that supports teaching and learning at all stages of education. We live in a World consumed by Technology. As such, ICT can help to improve achievement levels, inspire creative thinking and encourage the development of skills that prove invaluable in the real World. The first batch of Grade 6 students sat for the ICT tests on 26th April 2018 and they will complete the examinations at the end of this Academic Year 2017/2018. All other Grades will follow the ICT Syllabus and the Online Examinations in the upcoming New Academic Year 2018/2019.

The University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) ranks as the World’s largest provider of International Education Programmes for students. While offering an invaluable benchmark of learner performance, it also gives students a strong base in which to specialize and more importantly, act as an International Passport to progress and success in the future.

Wycherley International School, a member of CEG Education Holdings takes pride in offering a total Cambridge Education in Sri Lanka which has been much sought after. While nurturing traditional social values in a multi-cultural and multi-religious environment, Wycherley strongly focuses on academic excellence as a stepping stone to “Internationalising” its students and making them successful citizens of the World. Therefore, Wycherley is indeed proud to introduce INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATIONS TECHNOLOGY (ICT) to their curriculum.