25 june 2018

Wycherley Graduation and Prize Day 2018

The Annual Graduation and Prize Day of Wycherley International School was held on 25th June 2018 at the BMICH. It is one of the most celebrated events on the Academic Calendar of the school. This event brings the curtain down on activities planned out for the year. The Head Prefect, Hiruna Wickramasinghe while welcoming everybody said that the period of time they spent at Wycherley has gone at lightning speed and it is heart rending to see that their school life is now at an end. Yet, he said that Wycherley will always be close to their hearts at all times, despite wherever they may be. He wished everybody a wonderful evening.

The Chief Guest at this memorable event was Mr. Aritha Wickramasinghe, an illustrious past pupil of the school, who shone academically throughout the years at Wycherley. He is a qualified Solicitor, having been educated in the UK, where his working life taught him professionalism and dedication. He has a wide and varied profile – holding the position of Legal Manager in the National Agency for Public, Private Partnership in the Sri Lanka Ministry of Finance, Consultant Lawyer for Associate Bank and Finance at K and L Gates, helps out with litigation in London, Dubai, Tanzania, New York and many other countries worldwide. He is also the founding trustee of the organization - “Think Equal” – which is a Global Educational Organization to foster children’s Social and Emotional Intelligence in school. He exhorted the Graduating Class by telling them, “Don’t be afraid of change; take the challenge and grab every opportunity, for success is not determined by whom we defeated to rise to the top, but who we helped to rise with us”. He continued saying, “Opportunities will help you understand your capacity, strengths and weaknesses and it will help to shape you as you learn from them”. He congratulated the Prize Winners while encouraging those who did not, to try and do better next time.

The Director / Principal Mr Kingsley Jayasinghe who has over 5 decades of educational expertise poured out many thought provoking messages to the Audience in his Annual Report. To the Graduating Students he said that Aritha was ranked Number 1 by the Financial Times in their outstanding list of Global Leaders in 2015 along with Mark Zuckerbug, the founder of Face Book. “Here is a fellow School Mate whom you could emulate who has gone that extra mile to be sought after by many nations for his expertise”. He continued, “You have a special role in society as educated members. The future is in your hands and you should be the leaders who can make the world a better place. Remember that you are moving out from a sheltered life to face a highly competitive world. Look forward to the future and be disciplined in your thoughts and actions to mould a path that would be admired by others.

Mr. Jayasinghe then elaborated on the progress of the school. At the May June 2017 Cambridge O/Level Examination we had 100% success in 13 of the 14 subjects offered, 100% A and B Grades were in Sinhala, Tamil and English Literature, 90% And B Grades in Computer Science, Chemistry and Biology, over 80% A and B Grades in Physics, Accounting and English Language and 75% A and B Grade in Mathematics. Out of a total of 65 O/Level Student. 34 obtained above 5 A Grade Passes. Sivaram Vithyatharan and Hashir Haja Mohideen had 9 A Grade Passes with 8A*. and they produce the best O/Level Results in 2017. At the Cambridge A/Level Examination 2017, we had 100% A and B Grade Passes in Law, over 80% A and B Grade passes in Accounting, Business Studies and Maths and Statistics, over 70% in Biology and Physics and over 60% in Computer Studies, Chemistry and Sociology. Minoru Dhananjaya Jayakody had the Best A/Level Results scoring 4A*.

“We always endeavour to teach our children acceptable moral values, right attitudes, care and concern for others, freedom from prejudices and leadership qualities so that they are bound to make an impact society. We have students from diverse ethnic and religious groups attending our school, using the English Language as a unifier”, said Mr. Jayasinghe. He was also very appreciative of the members of Staff who have worked so diligently. There are over 20 members who have completed 15 years of service and over to the school. A long service Award was presented to Mrs. Samantha Jayatilake for her dedicated service of 20 years as the French teacher.

The Prize Giving always follows the Graduation Ceremony which is for outstanding students from Grade 3 to 12. This is a High Profile event with well over 300 awards to be carried away. Omaya Jayatilleka had the Best Grade 5 Checkpoint in 2017, while Jai Vir Singh won the medal for the Best Grade 8 Checkpoint Result in 2018. Sivaram Vithyatharan and Hashir Haja Mohideen were Gold Medallists at the Cambridge O/Level Examination 2017, while Minoru Jayakody carried away the Shamil Jinasena Memorial Gold Medal for the Best Cambridge A/Level Result in 2017. The Overall Challenge Shield for the Best Performing House in Academic and Sports Activities was Awarded to Athena House for the Academic Year 2017 – 2018. A variety Entertainment followed the Awards Ceremony.

The Vote of Thanks was delivered by Ovini Weerasinghe – The Head Prefect. She was very touched by the thought that this is the last event for them in school. She thanks everybody for their help and guidance. This special day holds many things that the students will remember. Friendship made at Wycherley have been time tested and long lasting. As the students move in to the world in different direction, they will still bond themselves together, wherever they are. To the Graduating Class she said that this was the day where their lives take a different turn as they go out to seek a newer world. To the Prize Winners it is a red letter day and to the others a day to urge them to do better. Wherever they are they will “Rise to the honour of Wycherley”.