3 march 2017

Petals of Culture unfolds at Wycherley

In Society, culture determines what is acceptable or unacceptable, important or unimportant, right or wrong, and even workable or unworkable. It covers all learned and shared beliefs, knowledge, norms and values. It also deals with attitudes of behaviour, dress, language etc. The Petals of these blossoms of Culture bloomed at the Bishop’s College Auditorium, when Wycherley presented “Petals of Culture” on 3rd March 2017.

Wycherley has a blend of colourful blossoms which are multinational, multi religious and multi-cultural. The children are taught by these events to merge into the traditions of each other, respecting that of one another and their specialties. This was very evident in the items that were presented and the joy with which all the children executed their part.

The students of the Elementary Section presented “Show Time” of perennial favourites and the stage when they make friends as in “Amba Yahaluwo”. The students of the Primary Section presented a variety of dance items “Batha Upatha”, “Off the Charts”, “Lee Keli Dance” and many more. They also had a musical item titled “Part of the World”. The Junior Section too had a variety of items like “Designer Lines”, “All aboard the Yala Devi”, “Raban Dance”, “Thalam Dance” – just to name a few. They also presented a scintillating mix of ever popular Sinhala Songs of Days of Yore that was well received by the audience and this was titled as “Hela Gee Miyasiya”. The Senior School enacted “8th Factor and the Boys are back” and “Spectrum”. “Golden Oldies” by the Senior Choir was a wonderful rendition in four part harmony captivating the hearts of all present.

There were about 350 children who participated in this presentation and that included Koreans, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Indonesian and Nigerians. They had merged into our system so well and that is the essence of culture which is imbibed at Wycherley, to make the world a better place for you and for me.