Wycherley International School

Press Room

07 February 2015

Wycherley International School! The name itself says it all! It is one of the oldest and the most revered International Schools in the Country. It is a privilege to be an Alumni of this great Academic Institution, which not many have had the opportunity to relish.

The name itself is praised for its unmatchable discipline which is strictly upheld by its Principal, Mr. Kingsley Jayasinghe. It is also famed for the respect it cultivates for both its admirable and caring teachers as well as the everlasting friendships of its fellow students.

Wycherley comprises of teachers and students of many ethnic backgrounds. We are all one big family. Nobody even recognized, let alone compared themselves as belonging to a different race or religion. Everybody is equal in this ‘home away from home’. Everyone respects each other. Tolerance and harmony are the greatest strengths that the school endorsed, which are valuable qualities needed even in the adult world today.

21 February 2015

What aspirations do you have for your children? Most parents want them to be successful and have the right attitude, realizing that these dreams begin with a school that combines academic preparation with strong character building in a nurturing environment, where children enjoy their education. This is exactly what the Junior School at Wycherley International School does, right from the first day a child enters its Play Group Class.

A unique feature of Wycherley is that it has a rich multi-cultural heritage, where children of different ethnic groups and religions blend in and are made to feel happy and comfortable,following their own faith and customs “We are happy teaching the children and we are proud of the fact that our school is known for maintaining a high level of discipline that conservative parents seek”, said Mrs.Yoga Pathmanathan, Head Mistress of the Nursery and LKG, adding, that Wycherley adopts AMI / MMI Montessori and Pre School systems in this area of the School.

28 February 2015

Wycherley International School is among the oldest International Schools in Sri Lanka. Established in 1985, Wycherley International School celebrates 30 years of Excellence in Education. It was the brainchild of Mr. C T A Shafter, Mr. T J Emmanuel and Mr. M Rafiq. Commencing from small beginnings in 1985, it has quietly moved upwards and is one of the Premier International Schools, offering an education for the ‘whole child’

In 1985 the school began in the premises which belonged to the eminent Surgeon Dr. R L Spittel. It was a brave venture into the field of education. Keeping the name of the house – WYCHERLEY- it called itself Wycherley International School and Dr. Frank Jayasinghe was its’ founder Principal who gave of his expertise to lay the foundation for a solid school, with English as the medium of instruction. The school attracted all ethnic groups, and Wycherley became one happy family. The motto of Wycherley – TRADITION – EDUCATION – EXCELLENCE fittingly symbolizes the corner stones on which this prestigious institution was founded.

01 March 2015

Athena House carried away the Mariam Iqbal Memorial Challenge Trophy after winning the overall championship of Wycherley International School’s Inter-House Swimming Meet 2015. The annual swimming competition held among students of Wycherley International School took place at the Royal College Swimming Complex on February 13.

A keen competition was witnessed among the competitors of the Houses – Apollo, Pegasus, Triton and the champions Athena, in an atmosphere of friendship and camaraderie. Events were grouped into age groups for Breaststroke, Backstroke, Butterfly stroke and a medley of events. Even the juveniles of Grade 1 and 2 had events to encourage them into swimming.

Tariq Haniff of Pegasus House won the Boys’ Open championship while Shimanthi Gunawardena of Athena House and Alefiya Mohamed Ali of Apollo House shared its Girls’ title. Apollo’s Sulaiman Umar Farook emerged the Under-16 Boy’s champion as Pegasus House duo Eemaan Reza Rafiq and Umandi Wickramaratne shared the championship for the girls.

09 May 2015

Committed in presenting an outstanding learning experience, be it in the classroom or beyond, top school Wycherley International continues to stand strong, having completed its third decade in the education sphere.

Established in 1985 to meet the dire need for education in English, providing its students with the well-acclaimed Cambridge system of education, Wycherley International School (WIS) Principal Kingsley Jayasinghe expressed confidence in maintaining and continuing the quality education offered, as the school strives to implement innovative methods and best practices in terms of delivery.

23 May 2015

Wycherley International School, in its 30th year of existence conducted an Art Exhibition at the JDA Perera Art Gallery, on 16th May 2015. The pictures reflected the hidden talents of the young ones. The competition and the exhibition were meant to showcase the aptitudes of the Children. Students of different age groups appreciate different aspects of Art. Hence, Art is an important aesthetic subject in the curriculum of Wycherley.

06 June 2015

Wycherley conducted its Annual Bakthi Gee Programme on 28th May 2015 at the All Ceylon Buddhist Congress Hall, Colombo 7. The entire area around was aglow with a myriad of white Wesak Lanterns illuminating the place, giving it a serene ambience. The programme was worked out to clockwork precision. The entire Junior School – from Play Group to Grade 8 participated in this event. The staff members too were part of it with a melodious rendition of a special Bakthi Gee. This event helps to forge a spirit of fellowship and unity among all at Wycherley.

06 June 2015

The Annual Spelling Bee 2015, held for Primary School students, takes flight on June 12th and 13th at the BMICH. Organized by Wycherley International School, this tournament enables young students to work at improving their spelling in a world where alternative spelling is the norm. This year more than 40 schools across Sri Lanka have registered for this tournament.

The challenges of abbreviated and social networking spelling as against accurate British Standardized Spelling, is an ever growing challenge; thus the commitment of Wycherley International in hosting this event, is invaluable.