Clubs & Societies

Wycherley has a wide range of extra – curricular activities and students are encouraged to actively participate in the entire spectrum of clubs and committees available to them.

Activities are not only enjoyable; they also broaden a student’s range of interests, networking opportunities and enriching their education. Most of these activities are organised by students and give both current and new students the opportunity to integrate into the Wycherley community.

Despite a slow start, the Club holds its Installation Ceremony in the presence of a larger turnout of members. The social which follows the Installation Ceremony, is most exciting and gives all students a chance to enjoy themselves and build up a friendship. This is an Annual feature.The interact club works to achieve many goals. It helps to recognise and develop leadership qualities, helpfulness to others, awareness of the importance of home and family, and respecting the rights of othersas well as that of each individual. It also trains the students on the dignity of labour and value of serving others and understanding community needs. The club opens avenues of personal and group action, leading to the advancement of international understanding and goodwill towards all people.

Though it is only the second year since the start of the Chess Club, it has gone on, as well as was expected. After constant and regular practices, they are quite happy with the progress the club and all its members are making. The teams that represent Wycherley under different age groups have been quite successful. The Chess Club is also proud to state that the collection of funds for children affected by AIDS is also carried out very successfully.

Wycherley respects every religion and the children are taught to inter mingle with ease. Each religious society has a Teacher in Charge and a Committee who work out the programmes for each year. Many projects are undertaken by the societies- Buddhist, Christian, Hindu and Islam- which give the children the opportunity to help out the less fortunate, the needy and those with illnesses that cause pain. Work programmes are conducted at the Lady Ridgeway Hospital, Maharagama Cancer Hospital, and Elders’ Homes at Wellawatte and the needy Children’s Homes. Generally, the students and the respective Staff Advisors go to these places with donations in cash or kind, not only to give them the joy of being cared for, but also to teach the more fortunate ones that we need to share and care at all times.

The biggest project of each year is the Inter House Maths Quiz. They have the quizzes based on the Grade of the student-that is each Grade will have a different Quiz and each Grade will have winners. This will help them to find many people who are talented in Mathematics from different Grades.

The society has two teams to represent Wycherley in the Spaghetti Bridge Competition which is organized by the Northern Consortium of the United Kingdom and held by the British Council, and also at Seminars conducted by them, to enlighten all our students about Genetics and Global Warming, which play a vital role in all our lives today and will do so in the future. The Science society also organises an annual Science exhibition for the entire school.

This Society starts off the year by holding the Inter House Debating Competition. This event gives students the chance to display their Oratorical skills and to do research on important world issues. The students of the Arts Society also take part in the model United Nations Programme each year, to learn about how the UN body works. The Arts Society also conducts an Annual Fund Raiser for people displaced in many parts of the Island.