Extra Curricular Activities

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Wycherley has a wide range of extra-curricular activities and students are encouraged to actively participate in the entire spectrum of Clubs and Committees available to them. Activities are not only enjoyable; they also broaden a student’s range of interests, networking opportunities and enriching their education. Most of these activities are organised by students and give both current and new students the opportunity to integrate into the Wycherley community. The Toastmaster’s Event, Sports, Interact Club and other Societies’ feature significantly in the social agenda at Wycherley.


The foundation stage is about improving skills in co-ordination, manipulation and control. Wycherley International School has always excelled in academic activities.

Wycherley believes in developing ‘a healthy mind in a healthy body’. Hence we encourage children to divert their energies into working out on Basketball, Swimming, Athletics, Netball, Cricket, Badminton Tennis, Chess and Little friends. Regular practices are held under the direction of coaches and the Master-in Charge of Sport.

Swimming classes are held weekly at the Royal College Swimming Pool, culminating each year in an inter House Swimming Meet. The swimmers also go for squad training to the Julian Boiling Academy. All students from UKG onwards are encouraged to take on swimming lessons.

Track and field events are conducted at the Athletic Training Classes held at the Sports Ministry grounds. The Inter House Athletic Meet is an annual feature in our Sports Calendar and is held at the NCC grounds. Students are chosen to participate in the Inter-International School Athletic Championships, Circuit Meets and the Junior John Tarbat Meet.

Basketball is conducted in the School Basketball Court and students play in age groups of Under 11,13,15,17 and 19.

The school has four Cricket Teams which is the under 13, 15, 17 and under 19 team. All practices are conducted at the Thurstan College Cricket ground and the teams take part in various matches representing the school. Wycherley also has an Annual ‘Big Match’ fixture with Colombo International School in March each year and an Inter International schools under 13,15,17,19 cricket tournament which are also annual events.

Students from Grade 2 onwards are encouraged to take part in chess. This is conducted once a week in the Junior School and at the Chess Association for the Senior School Students.

Badminton and Tennis is held for students from Grade 3 onwards at the SSC and St. Peters College courts.

All students from grade 2 (7 to 12 years) onwards could register for Little Friends and Cub Scouts. They are registered with the Girl Guide Headquarters and the Scout headquarters . They learn how to work together as a team, encourages to develop their skills at a young age, and to work independently with responsibility.


When a student joins the school, he or she is allocated into one of the four houses, APOLLO, ATHENA, PEGASUS and TRITON. The names of the houses are from Greek legends-traditions that go down centuries in history. A child continues to remain in that house up to the time of leaving school. If a sibling joins the school subsequently, he or she is put into the same house.Swimming Meets and Athletic Meets are run as House contests, along with points being accumulated for academic achievements. The Overall Challenge Shield for the best House is awarded at the Prize Day. Inter house fixtures are worked out for many sporting events like Cricket, Basketball and Badminton. The House Committees comprising House Captains, Athletic Captains and the Swimming Captains are appointed for each House. All four House Committees, though they run a competition with each other, also work in unison on common projects. The colours of the houses are as follows.