Message from the Principal

My Dear Wycherley Family,

As I pen these words for the newsletter, I am indeed feeling a sense of happiness that we are finally able to re-open school stage by stage and is getting back to normalcy. I know that things may never be the same as before the pandemic. But I believe it’s time, children have the feeling of being in a real school once again. However, I know the road ahead will not be easy. The Pandemic is still not over. Therefore, we may have to face some uncertain and unplanned situations in the coming months, therefore I kindly request the Wycherley family to rally round the school and make sure that we always look after the wellbeing of our children. I would like to thank the Parents and my staff for always being very supportive in getting through this uncertain period.

I am very happy to state that many children have taken keen interest in joining most of the extra activities that have been offered in school and have enrolled and are taking part in the activities. I firmly believe that it is very important for our children to participate in at least one Physical sport and also a society or a club. Please encourage your child not only in academics but in this area as well.

We are almost at the end of the year and Christmas is just around the corner. I know that last year we have not been able to celebrate Christmas the way we would have wanted. Although this year seems better, we should always remember that Christmas is not just about fun, food and holidays, but it’s more about love, caring & giving joy to others. So I kindly request you all to make sure that we do not over indulge in the goodies, but we think about our neighbours in need and also the brothers and sisters that have been financially and emotionally affected by this pandemic.

Finally, let me wish you all a peaceful blessed Christmas and a prosperous new year filled with love and joy. I remain with the hope of meeting you all in person in the new year.

Yours Sincerely,


Dayan D. L. Fernando


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