Proposed New Building Project

17th February 2022 marks a memorable and poignant moment in the history of Wycherley International School signifying the occasion of the ground breaking for the proposed new school building within the premises of the school situated at 232, Bauddhaloka Mawatha, Colombo 7.

The School which has been housed in this premises for the past 37 years in the original building Dr. R. L Spittel’s “Wycherley Nursing Home” will be undergoing a major renovation in 2022. The present heritage building which was then Dr. R.L Spittel’s house will be renovated and refurbished keeping the heritage of the archeological concepts of the 100 year building after the completion of Phase 1 in 2023.

The left side of the long standing building is part of the 1st Phase renovation project which will be used to construct a 5 story multi-purpose school building consisting of modern state-of-the-art Smart Classrooms, broader hallways, laboratory facilities, a new fully equipped library, to meet international examination board standards. This new building will also increase the number of existing classrooms and with the completion of this Phase the school will obtain an additional seating capacity of 200 – 300 more students.

Wycherley has taken a step to expand its brand presence not only in Colombo but also in other parts of the country. In 2019, it branched out to Gampaha District, to make the world recognized Cambridge curriculum accessible to students living in that area.

During the last 2 years, all facilities at Wycherley Gampaha School was upgraded and uplifted and now the school is the only leading International School in Gampaha providing the world- recognized Cambridge Curriculum. Upon completion of this development project at the Colombo School, both branches will be meeting all the global standards of education.

A ceremony took place to venerate the inauguration of the construction at the Wycherley International School – Colombo with the presence of the Board of Directors and special invitees, and blessings of religious priests and clergy to signify the most important milestone of the school.

Wycherley International School at Bauddhaloka Mawatha, Colombo 7 is reputed as the only exclusive Comprehensive Centre for the Cambridge Educational Curriculum from UKG (Year 1) to Grade 12 in Sri Lanka. The school provides great education opportunities for children residing in an around Colombo without the requirement of seeking for internationally recognized education elsewhere. With the commencement of the new building project, students within the vicinity will benefit an all-inclusive school experience which includes a state-of-the-art classrooms with a globally recognized curriculum.

On behalf of the school, Dr. Jagath Alwis – Chairman of Wycherley International School was delighted to inform all Parents, Students and Stakeholders of the school, that the Board of Directors have moved forward with the commencement of a new infrastructural refurbishment project. He further added, that the new building will facilitate the school to compete in being the leader in the private schools’ sector. This will indeed be a foundation for the school to be in par with global education trends and teaching methods. This includes an internationally recognized Cambridge Curriculum which is already in place and the upgrade of new technology to support modern classroom learning.

The Director/ General Manager of Wycherley International School – Mr. P. Saravanan said “with the proposed building project, we are getting prepared to provide our students a dynamic learning experience.” He went on to say that the new building is set to bring our school to the forefront with global educational standards.  Wycherley is an International School with a proud heritage of 37 Years of Excellence in education and this new project will make the School the #1 choice for Parents when choosing an International School. The classrooms and the facilities will definitely be on par with international levels of Primary and Secondary Education as we have very closely worked with our architects, engineers and project teams to make sure that this new building and the renovation will take the school to new heights in education.

Through DISCIPLINE, TRADITION and a CULTURALLY NURTURED International School, the students will incorporate themselves into the world to build a well chiseled and disciplined society. Wycherley is not only recognized for its exceptional Academic standards, but also for the opportunities to a wide range of extra-curricular activities that provides an all-round experience to its students. We have been acknowledged for our exceptional standards in education, and fostering an environment conducive to learning in order to cater a much better education for our students.

Principal of Wycherley International School – Colombo Mr. Dayan D. L. Fernando –stated that the renovation is aimed for the students to experience a better learning atmosphere with spacious classrooms equipped with personalized lockers for students, as well as for teachers to have a facilitated environment to utilize their knowledge in a much enhanced conduct and I am indeed honored to be a part of this new venture together with the team. With the new infrastructure that includes smart classrooms, academic staff will be able to give students a fully-fledged learning environment, in the classroom itself. We will also have a platform to move seamlessly from classroom teaching and online teaching. All these new classrooms will have sufficient tools to adapt to a variety of learning models for students and will also be interesting and innovative for our students as education is now at its peak in digital transformation.

The attitude towards learning has significantly evolved in the digital age. Therefore, the new building project will facilitate state-of-the-art classrooms which will promote modern classroom learning and cutting edge technology. Teachers and students will have the privilege of learning through smart technology and using other interactive methods which will make learning more engaging. This will also enhance creativity and innovative thinking patterns in the mindset of the students.

Opting for this well balanced program brings a plethora of benefits, including the element of convenience to both, students and parents, as it is internationally recognized and based on the most accredited teaching requirements, methodology and practices.

We welcome you to introduce your child to familiarize a complete school experience equipped with an internationally recognized curriculum through a creative and innovative learning pattern in a state -of -the -art school. We focus on guiding children on an Educational journey, helping them to realize their potential at every milestone of their education.

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