Wycherley International School Model United Nations (WISMUN): A Rising Star in the MUN Circuit

Wycherley International School Model United Nations (WISMUN): A Rising Star in the MUN Circuit

The WISMUN Club’s journey in the Model United Nations (MUN) arena is indeed remarkable and reflects its dedication to excellence and commitment to making a positive impact. In just eight months, they have achieved significant success and recognition, leaving a lasting mark on the island’s MUN circuit.

Their journey of accomplishment commenced humbly in March 2023 when a small delegation of twelve, armed with little more than ambition and a folder brimming with documents, ventured into the 29th session of COMUN and returned with an award for International Press Crop for the Best News Agency represented Reuters by Nuha Nisam.  It was the genesis of a journey that would soon capture the imagination of MUN enthusiasts island-wide.

Fast forward to August 2023, and WISMUN’s dossier of achievements now includes participation in six MUN conferences across the island. Their crowning glory came at the Sri Lanka Model United Nations (SLMUN), the grandest student-run conference in all of Asia. Rather than merely attending these conferences, WISMUN delegates have distinguished themselves, amassing an impressive tally of 20 awards. These accolades range from the coveted “Best Delegate” to “Higher Commendations” and “Honorary Mentions.”

In June, WISMUN delegates displayed their prowess at the Outstanding Global Model United Nations, a unique crisis-oriented conference in Sri Lanka. Here, they navigated the intricate dynamics of the United Nations General Assembly, with Thanithan Karti Nanthanan’s representation of France earning the Honorary Mention Award, the club its very first delegate award.

July marked a significant milestone as the club embarked on its inaugural outstation trip to Kandy for the Hill Country Model United Nations. Amidst intense competition, they not only excelled but also fostered deep bonds of camaraderie. This adventure yielded four awards, including the prestigious “Best Delegate,” earned by Emmanuel Harish Kumar, who represented France in FIFA while Lingeshkumar Senthilkumar secured the  Honorary Mention Award representing Spain in the same committee. Ameera Azreen won the Best Working Paper award representing Spain in NATO with delegate, Thaninthan Karti Nanthanan winning the Honorary Mention Award in NATO representing France.

In August, the grandeur of the Sri Lanka Model United Nations, hosted at the BMICH, provided a platform for WISMUN to showcase their mettle. Despite fierce competition, the club secured four delegate awards and a commendable Community Service Merit Award, highlighting their dedication to social responsibility. They actively engaged in the Ambassador Project hosted by SLMUN, focusing on the 11th Sustainable Goal – Sustainable Cities and Communities. Here, they collaborated with a children’s home, contributing by donating plants, rejuvenating the playground, and educating the young inhabitants about the importance of sustainability.  The double delegation consisting of Ameera Azreen and Thurayya Thariq earned the prestigious Best Working Paper Award, showcasing their expertise and diplomacy in representing Hungary in the WHO.  Emmanuel Harishkumar received the 2nd Honorary Mention Award, highlighting his outstanding performance and contribution as a representative,  representing Kohzo Tashima in the FIFA. Thaninthan Karti Nanthanan was recognized with the 1st Honorary Mention Award for representing the Democratic Republic of the Congo in UNODC and double delegation Thabith Azmi and Rayan Desilva won the 6th Honorary Mention Award for representing CONGO in WHO, emphasizing the club’s commitment to excellence.

September brought further recognition as they participated in the Musaeus College Model United Nations(MCMUN), where they earned three awards, including the Best Working Paper at General Assembly 1 representing Italy received by  Jordan Fernando showcasing his exceptional diplomacy and dedication to the conference. Emmanuel Harishkumar in the Arab League, also earned the Best Working Paper Award for his outstanding contribution in representing Somalia in the committee.   Thaninthan Karti Nanthanan representing France in the UN Economic & Social Council secured the 2nd Honorary Mention Award as a recognition for his diplomatic skills and valuable contribution to the committee’s discussions.

WISMUN’s impressive winning streak continued further at the Richmond College, Galle Model United Nations (RICHMUN) conference in September securing six awards including two best delegates awards,  where “diplomacy becomes supremacy”.  Sadew Daneesha Dias Nagahawatte and Thurayya Thariq were both honored with the most prestigious Best Delegate award, showcasing their exceptional diplomatic skills and leadership in their respective committees, UNESCO and GAP for representing Russia and Eqypt.  Thaninthan Karti Nanthanan and Jordan Fernando received recognition for their outstanding contribution to the UN Security Council with Thaninthan securing Higher Commendation representing Saudi Arabia and Jordan earning Honorary Mention representing Russia. Lingeshkumar Sentilkumar and Leno Griffen Fernando were both awarded Higher Commendation Awards for their impressive performances in the UNESCO and GAP committees.

Furthermore, their commitment to excellence is mirrored in their organization of numerous fundraisers, enabling them to participate in conferences beyond Colombo’s confines.

  In essence, the journey of the passionate delegates of WISMUN is a testament to the transformative power of dedication, teamwork, and unwavering commitment to the pursuit of excellence in the MUN arena. Their rise in the MUN circuit is marked by both humility and perseverance, and their accomplishments continue to inspire aspiring delegates and MUN enthusiasts across the island.


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