An Internationally Recognized Programme at Wycherley International School

Wycherley International School established in 1985 was set up to meet the demand for English education in Sri Lanka. What is unique about Wycherley is that it is the first and only school providing the Cambridge Curriculum from the UKG (year 1) to Grade 12.  It is noteworthy that in spite of being ‘international’, the school is firmly entrenched in the local cultural traditions.  Each community celebrates its own cultural and religious festivals, thus giving the others an insight into their culture. 

Academically, the Principal, Mr. Jayasinghe and the management always looks out for means of giving the students a quality education, which will enable them to gain entrance to a Tertiary Institute anywhere in the world.  As a result, today we have many students reading for their Degrees in Medicine, Law, Engineering Finance, Aeronautical Engineering ICT etc., in some of the most prestigious Universities of the world – in the UK, US, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Canada and many more places.

“Today Wycherley has a proven track record for high standards of Academic Excellence in a multicultural discipline. Wycherley uses English as the medium of instruction while both Sinhala and Tamil are being taught as link languages, besides French and German from Grade 6 upwards”, explains Mr. Jayasinghe.

Since its inception, Wycherley has always been focused on high academic performance.  He further said that Wycherley is the only school offering the Cambridge Curriculum from UKG (year 1) to A/Levels and all our students are registered with Cambridge directly and have access to all Cambridge resources.  This has resulted in high levels of performance in all Grades, with many students achieving A’s and A*’s and even being “World” as well as “Sri Lankan’ Prize Winners.

At Wycherley, the Cambridge curriculum includes English, Maths, Science, ICT and Global Perspectives. The Cambridge Primary and Secondary checkpoint examinations helps teachers to give a feedback to parents on their children’s performance before they move on to key stages like O/Levels and A/Levels.  The students join the Cambridge learning community at Grade 5 where they sit for an International Primary Programme in English, Mathematics and Science.  This gives them first-hand experience of International Assessment leading them effortlessly into the Secondary stage.  Thereafter when they sit for the Grade 8 Checkpoint Examinations they are able to assess how to stream themselves in readiness for the O/Level Examinations.

The secret behind the School’s success lies in the fact that most teachers have been with the school from its inception.  They are experienced and qualified in their   respective subjects and ready to help each and every student achieve his or her full potential.  Despite being an International school, Wycherley is firmly rooted in the local soil.  The Principal says that he is very particular about discipline in school and these efforts are always appreciated by the Parents.  Wycherley always maintains good discipline in keeping with its tradition and national culture, despite being an International School. 

Mr. Jayasinghe also explains; ‘to realize Wycherley’s mission of enabling students to achieve high performance standards, my most important area of focus is on improving the faculty’s expertise and skills and empowering teachers to keep up with the latest trends in Cambridge education. Wycherley focuses on Academic skills and strong character building from the day a child enters its Play Group class.  As most teachers at Wycherley are trilingual, they are able to communicate easily with new entrants, which demonstrates the importance the school places on the child’s critical formative years.”

The vision and the mission of Wycherley has always been to produce students who will walk out of the school as men and women of grit and hence the mission has been to work hard towards giving the best Wycherley can to the children, by arming them with excellent educational skills.  You are welcome to visit our school to obtain more information on the Cambridge Advantage or log into our website on or call 0777 730 730.

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