Initiating Learning beyond the classroom at Wycherley International School

The Covid – 19 pandemic is having an unprecedented effect on children’s lives, education and health, and its short- and long-term impacts could be devastating if well planned strategies are not adequately implemented now. Long periods of physical distancing measures and school closures leave children across the globe without adequate access to basic needs including education.
Social distancing, lockdowns and quarantine may have hindered the delivery of education in person but digital platforms and tools offer opportunities for reaching children and have the potential to provide innovative and interactive ways to engage them beyond the classroom.
Wycherley International School was founded in 1985. At Wycherley we recognized the “edge” that digital platforms provide towards learning way before Covid -19 arrived and had a blended learning approach beforehand. Further, Wycherley is the first pioneering school to adapt the Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) curriculum in our country. This curriculum is under the direct purview of the University of Cambridge and helps the school prepare students for life, helping them develop curiosity and passion for continuous learning.
The CAIE curriculum has always evolved considering the real environmental and economic conditions prevalent as well the forecasts of the next few decades. It recognized the impact of Covid -19 and adjusted the curriculums and schemes of work in a flexible manner to suit the digital delivery platforms and gave plenty of support to the stakeholders via online modes. As such, when the pandemic arrived in our island in March 2020 with rigorous training to our teachers and other stakeholders, it was not difficult to move in to 100% digital delivery via Zoom and Google Classroom, which are international standard digital learning and communication platforms.
Using the said 2 platforms have enabled Wycherley to not only ensure continued education but augment both teaching and learning by miles ahead when compared with traditional classroom learning. These platforms have made learning more creative, innovative, collaborative and engaging. Children’s imagination, leadership and presentation skills too have increased substantially giving them greater confidence to achiever their future objectives.

Even physical education, singing, poetry, Vesak, Christmas carols, debates and online CSR events were initiated by teachers and students alike without any hindrances by the adaptation of digital learning platforms in our school. Teachers also focused on the themes of sustainability, manners, cookery, life skills etc. While using digital platforms we ensure children learn, not only beyond the classroom but develop real life skills as well even during this time of social distancing!
We at Wycherley look forward to welcoming our students back and progressing forward in this new post global pandemic era with utmost enthusiasm!

Mr. Malith Kumarasinghe-
Coordinating Principal-Wycherley International School Gampaha

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