Managing Techno Tantrums In Children

Wycherley International School organizes another eventful webinar on “Managing Techno Tantrums in Children” enabling parents to support children achieve emotional wellbeing and balancing screen time effectively.

A webinar took place with over 70 participants on 22nd May 2021 with the

Guest Panelist Mrs. Ammarah Ashraf, Clinical Psychologist from Shanthi Maargam moderated by Mrs. Mokshini Jayamanne, Attorney at Law and teacher of Speech& Drama.

The webinar was of need with the pandemic situation to support children being indoors with excessive screen time for online schooling and recreation.

The focus of the session was also to bridge the gap to help parents identify tantrum triggers and ways they can cope up with the challenges they face to positively encourage children towards maintaining a balance.  This webinar was open to existing parents of the school and parents from other schools who were keen on participating on the discussion.


The Panelist briefly introduced the effects young children were undergoing, after the onset of the Pandemic which has impacted children with behavior problems and lack of creativity.

Mrs. Ammarah Ashraf, Clinical Psychologist says “The pandemic has resulted in children having to spend more time with their devices than they usually did. Not to mention how they also tend to spend more time indoors and need technological devices to keep them entertained as well. Due to children depending on devices for both schoolwork and recreational activities could possibly result in a ‘techno tantrum’ when they are asked to stop using their devices. Techno tantrums describe children’s tantrum-like behavior that results when children are asked to switch off the iPad, or shut the lid on the laptop. Techno-tantrums are not limited to a particular age group and is prevalent across different ages starting from toddlers to teenagers. These can be quite stressful for parents to deal with especially when they too are constrained to working from home as well while they juggle multiple responsibilities at the same time. Understanding what techno tantrums are and why they occur could be helpful in understanding how to work around them as well”.

The next area of focus was how negative impacts of excess screen time can be made positive for children to engage in other transitional activities getting them engaged and active during their time at home. Tips shared by the panelist, on how screen time can be discussed with the child was of much use to the viewers of the webinar.

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